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About the group

Hi, This is Akatsuki-Funny-Club :)
We are a Akatsuki fan group and accept all fanarts and fanfics of Akatsuki. The group will have plenty of contests.
Remember that you can't post anything that breaks the rules and it would be nice if you could submit the works that you spend some time at :)
I'm horribly sorry but I somehow missed that the contest ended over a month ago! Agh!
I have a slight feeling the contest was put down by Metarex12 because I can't find anything.
But since we got two lovely entries I can't just ignore them. So I need a good way to solve this but it will be done with the two people that entered. Other than that I don't think I will have a contest anytime soon. If you want one then nag about it to the other admins c:


REMINDER! The contest is still active and going!
Deadline: OCTOBER 1st

:bulletorange: Hello everybody, Jorda96 here. c;
Sorry that we haven't had a new contest since a few months but well I have been busy.

But I thought we can have a new contest since it is 2012 now after all c:
I would like to hear your ideas for the subject, what do you want the contest to be about ? Please post a comment below C:

Okay, so we got quite some ideas for the contest from the comments. c: Lovely :heart:

Ideas so far:
:bulletorange: Jokes about Zetsu being a halfplant.
:bulletorange: Summer party, new years party etc.
:bulletorange: Something to do with spring season.
:bulletorange: New Year's resolution
:bulletorange: Why not a member or a group of members play a prank on another member?

And also Metarex12 gave us a proposition to host a contest that would be more than for one group. More info coming later on that.

As was mentioned earlier Metarex12 has now written a journal about the contest he is doing, we are also participating. c:
Here is the link to the journal, but the text will be posted here as well.


I must be insane for doing this, but I decided to have another contest.  It's going to be about the Akatsuki and the theme is birthdays.  You are to create a piece about the Akatsuki boys (can be one or more-it doesn't matter) celebrating anyone's birthday.

How this competition is going to work is that a few Akatsuki based groups will be holding this at their own groups so you can participate at any of them.  It's encouraged you try to participate as many as you can and I'll explain more later.  I have some very important general rules that apply for all the groups to make it fair.

:bulletred:If you're going to enter in the same contest for a different group on the list, you have to submit a new piece.  Trying to submit the exact same piece to the participating groups for prizes is cheating and you will be disqualified.

:bulletred:Pieces have to be your own.  You can't trace or use bases for these.  It should be your own work or you'll be disqualified.

:bulletred:Pieces have to be new.  You can't enter a piece you've had for a while.  That wouldn't be fair and you'll be disqualified.

:bulletred:Follow the group's guidelines.  Each group may have their own expectations for submissions so you must follow through or you'll be disqualified.

Now that those have been said I will present the groups interested in the contest:

If there are other groups interested in hosting this contest, please note me so I can add you to the list.  If there are groups that wish to be taken off the list, please note me so I can remove you.

Deadline: October 1, 2012

Do not underestimate the deadline.  I set it up to be a long time from now since I understand that there are a lot of contests going on, but it also means it will not be extended.  That means if you fail to turn it in on time, then you're out of luck.

The groups will have their own prizes unless they find themselves unable to get any which I will do my best to fill in, but I will be willing to do trade my writing for someone else's work to fill them so leave a comment or  note me.

I want to avoid getting into this kind of situation because I will be providing prizes for the second round.  The second round will be the winners the groups have competing against each other with their winning piece for more prizes.


Okay, that's it. c: I think it's a fun idea and this group should try this. We can always save all the other contest ideas for a later occasion.  
So think about this contest and post a comment below. c:
More about prizes our group will have in the contest will be posted later.


:bulletblue: Okay! We are getting somewhere now. Finally there will be some prizes.

:bulletblue: Full colored drawing of one person from :iconagent-mcmuffin:
:bulletblue: Writing request from :iconneondragon319:
:bulletblue: Icon request (has to be based off a base) from :iconkatie-kimii:
:bulletblue: Full colored drawing from :Jorda96:

:bulletblue: Drawing request from :iconxion-demonclaw:
:bulletblue: Colored drawing from :iconjorda96:

:bulletblue: Free drawing commission from :iconxzoeamberx:
:bulletblue: Drawing from :iconjorda96:

ENTRIES:… by :iconrananieida:… by :iconsakuradreamerz2:


Okay, that's the prizes. Should anything change then I will inform you. From now on the contest is officially OPEN Read Metarex12's journal (the above) and ask us should you have any worried thoughts on your mind. c: Cheers.
Also, post into the contest folder :heart:
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